our process

From collection to management, at Leonardo we take responsibility of all the stages of waster recovery. Get to know the process.


We place containers or compactors of different sizes at your company according to the needs of your industrial activity to prepare waste for collection.


We use our own vehicles for the collection and transporting of the waste, which are fully equipped for this type of activity. We register all the waste transported and we make sure it is properly unloaded at authorized centers for elimination or assessment.


We minimize the waste to be disposed of by your company by classifying it considering their potential for recovery. We also record your company’s waste by creating a complete report that includes all relevant and legally-required data: Weight, waste code, producer, transporter...


The waste is then handed over to the sorting line or triage plant. As the mixed waste enters the plant, it gets transported along a conveyor belt where workers sort it and classify it. That which cannot be recovered, continues its course on the belt until it reaches the compactor’s loading hopper, to later be transported to the waste disposal center.


Thanks to the efficiency of our sorting, we manage to recover approximately 70% of the waste, thus minimizing dumping in landfills and encouraging the recycling of waste.


The waste sorted and recovered by our operators is arranged in different containers: Paper and cardboard, recoverable plastics, non-toxic wood, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, processed textile fibers, etc. The selected waste is packaged or pressed to the appropriate extent and stored in our facilities for subsequent recycling.