Thanks to our facilities, we managed to recover 70% of the waste that enters our Sorting Plant. We have the latest technology for recycling and assessing your company’s waste. As such, we can facilitate the processes and adjust to your business’s needs. Get to know our facilities:

Recovery and sorting of plastic, paper and cardboard:

This zone is dedicated to the disposal of waste paper and cardboard. Here we sort and pack waste material based on its different qualities to recover it in bales weighing up to one ton, thus preparing the waste for shipping to the recovery factories.

Assessment plant

At this plant, industrial and commercial waste is unloaded using our own vehicles and those of pick-up services. When it arrives, the waste is mixed. At the plant, we sort it by types using conveyor belts.

Ground storage of hazardous waste

We have our own plant for storing hazardous waste with the most stringent safety measures for proper management. At this same location, we also have a dedicated area for storing WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment).