The Art of Making Your Company a Greener Place

Since 1947, we at Leonardo have managed your company’s waste and environmental safety with top technology and personnel highly skilled in assessing proper waste management.

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Recycling 100%

Thanks to our philosophy of recovery, we can make the most of 100% of the waste that enters our plant by recycling it or transforming it into waste-derived fuel.

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our services

We offer a wide variety of services to help you properly manage your waste. What does your company need?

Document Shredding

Do you know what kinds of documents are to be considered confidential by law? Do you know the difference between sensitive and confidential documents? The Spanish Data Protection Agency...

Raw material dealer services

Do you want to sell recycled waste or raw materials? Thanks to our experience in the buying and selling of raw materials we are a benchmark for international consumers.At Leonardo, we are in charge...

Non-hazardous waste management

We collect and manage waste waste from your company at our own Waste Transfer Plant. We strictly comply with the laws in effect so that your business can obtain all the environmental...


Hazardous waste requires specific and very demanding treatment. Proper management of this waste is essential for your company to avoid legal and safety-related problems. . At...

Environmental Consulting

¿Do you know your obligations as a waste-producer? Do you want to improve your company’s waste management? Our Environmental Consulting helps you find the best solutions for your...
The art of giving your waste a second life

Four simple steps are what it takes for us to make your company a cleaner and more environmentally-respectful business. With your help, we give your waste a second chance. Get to know our process:

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blog news

Do you know all the news that affects your sector? In this section you will find useful information on proper waste management.

Las materias primas son recursos naturales que se procesan para convertirse en productos aptos para el consumo y, también, en la obtención de energía. Según su origen, estas pueden ser de tres tipos:

-Vegetales. Las materias primas vegetales son las que provienen de las plantas y de los...

Qué son los residuos no peligrosos

Todos los residuos que se generan a nivel doméstico como industrial pueden ser residuos peligrosos o...

¿Qué botellas de plástico se pueden reutilizar?

Una costumbre muy extendida es reutilizar las botellas de plástico de agua. Ya sea por reciclar, por ahorrar o por practicidad, la verdad es que muchos usamos...

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