Environmental Consulting

Environmental Consulting

¿Do you know your obligations as a waste-producer? Do you want to improve your company’s waste management? Our Environmental Consulting helps you find the best solutions for your business.

Our service includes:

  • Environmental diagnostic and evaluation of the company in accordance with the environmental requirements for its line of business.

  • Periodic delivery of environmental information that affects your company.

  • Environmental legal assessment according to the legal Updates that affect your business.

  • Technical support for external jobs: coordinating Jobs to be done by other entities such as water treatment labs, emission controls, etc.

  • Search for technical improvements available for the company’s environmental management.

  • Technical assistance to answer your questions regarding the application of laws in effect, technical work methods, document review, interpretation of obligations based on receipt of legal or public notices, etc.

  • Periodic visits for on-site review of working methods in the areas of the environment, control and management of environmental documentation, and review of facility status, as well as visits to meet with the environmental supervisor to deal with issues that need improvement.

  •  External analytic studies based on mandatory legal requirements (studies on water conditions, atmosphere, soil, etc.).

  • Specific environmental legal reports

  • Defense in administrative litigations or environmental disputes.

  • Projects derived from laws in effect (Minimization Plans, Environmental Impact Studies, Integrated Environmental Authorization, Water characterization studies and sewage treatment station design, etc.).

Do you need environmental advice for your company?

Ask us all your questions!

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